Cricket Fever

well here i m with 2 more games 🙂 , yo cricket fans

the first is the Cricket 2005 from EA ,  and second is Brian Lara 2005 from Code Masters

Cricket 2005 is packed with all EA traditional stuff , replays , slo-mo, nice texture quality, good cricket models, but one thing that seriuosly lack is the gameplay , sorry to say gameplay is quite poor , i find it hard to learn the  controls, plus the replay thing after every ball is really a pain in ass , and quite irritating is that u cant turn it off 😦

but it looks cool 🙂

Brian lara 2005 lacks quality texture and players model, but the game play is amazing, it ll make u addict ,graphics are smooth and acceptable, one notable feature from codemasters is the CLASSIC match , a lot of  new classic matches have been added , with quite challenging situation for both teams of that match, also the older matches are rendered in B&W shades for more real effects, that look  cool, further u can turn off the reply too ,:P

well for the freaks, ….. have both of them , 🙂

All your pitches are belong to us 🙂


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