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I am preparing for GRE and hence I got several things on mind to do instead of concentrating on my preparation. So this time I choose to experiment with Linux on Xbox. I bought my Xbox in 2005, and got it modded soon (for the reason I am sure you know.) and its no longer under warranty. I have tried many things with Xbox, evox, dashboards, networking with my existing cable net. As the accessories are not available at the moment, so I am planning to go deep down it , I am thinking about attaching USB ports to it. There are plenty of tutorial available for that on Internet.

But , before that I would like to feel the power of Linux on Xbox. Why I am tempted to do so. Well the idea came to my mind when I started looking for web hosting for my domain and sub-domain. (currently I host my sub-domain on my laptop which is subject to my availability at home). I was thinking about running a full time web server on my Xbox machine, (its 733 MHz Intel, with 64 MB ram  and 10gb HDD, a network card ). I am not expecting much traffic on my domain, so this simple machine will be able to cater as a webserver ( a lamp setup to be precise).

Xbox Linux is not a new concept , born along with the release of Xbox. Xbox-Linux and Xbox-Scene are good source for tutorials and guides for running Linux on Xbox. There are several methods for doing so, usually categorized as software mod and hardware mod. Software mod requires the use of software exploit to run the unsigned code (Microsoft does not endorse home brew application /Linux on Xbox, ). Using the exploit , the installer flashes the bios with a different bios known as Cromwell (an alternate firmware for Xbox though it only load Linux and cannot be used for playing games). A hardware mod requires hardware modification (installing a mod chip etc).

There are several Xbox Linux distributions available on the Internet. I found the following three quite interesting (I was looking for live flavors).

  1. Lumumba by Dynebolic
  2. Xebian (based on Debian)
  3. Gentoox (based on Gentoo)

Each distro has its own advantages, but each can be run live. I will try to list the difference along with my experience as I don’t have writable cd with me right now. I am looking forward to the weekend for this experiment.




Gamer Card :D

okey here is my gamer tag , a.ka Lord Venus Lord Venus
Lord Venus

ISA Server and Client , a brief functional overview :)

Now a days Cable Network setup is getting common in Pakistan.Normally a Lan network require a proxy server to communicates its internal request to the outside world. Most of the corporate network and residential cable network installments, usually deploy Microsoft ISA Server , which not only works as Internet Proxy Server for the LAN inhabitants, but also providing firewall capabilites, alongwith user authentication and authorization.

Normally an ISA server does not need the ISA firewall client to be running on the client pc,But in controlled setups, where user authentication and authorization is a must , then client pc need to install ISA Firewall client to access the resource of the server.

lets take a look what goes underneath,

the main task of the firewall client is to provide the tunneling functioanality, whenver a winsock based application access network resource, through winsock API, these call are intercepted by the firewall cleint, the client performs a quick chk that whether the address requested is on the same network or its outside the network , if the address is of the same network ,then firewall client allow the winsock api to function normally, but if an outside address is detected then , client makes a conection to ISA server and tunnel the request over to server,then server acting as proxy works out the conection request on behalf of the client. Client only use one conection, to the server and tunnel all the requst over this connection, its like broadcasting over a channel :),

the client also authenticate the user on the server, and validates what services  a user is eligible to use, how, does it do it,plus the address chking thing, which address to catch, which to not. It is quite simple, when the client connects to server, it retreives the setting that have set by the admin on the server , this information, isa client keep in plain txt files, and refresh them regularly. isa client uses two files, MSPCLNT.INI and  MSPLAT.TXT  mspclnt.ini stores proxy information, blocked /accessible ports, etc, while MSPLAT.txt is my center of discussion:) , msplat.txt is fo Local address translation , it contains address that are considered to be part of same netowrk, thus are not tunneld to the ISA server, the address are present as a range, and while 2 pairs are adjacent, but the ip address in a pair are separated by a space or tab, like , if u want to specify just one address , write it two  times , 🙂 ,

here is sample

it is a normal configuration of isa server,

when a application uses winsock API to conect to a remote machine, the client comes into action , it intercepts the call , consult the LAT file , and if its outside the network, then it tunnels it to the ISA server.

there is one catch about the file, as i mentioned, this file is refreshed regularly so any update to the file will be lost after some times, so what to do, well,when there is a will ,there is a way , ms suggest that all custom defined address range can be placed in a file named locallat.txt in the same directory, this file is also consulted when chking for local address.

this helped me conecting my xbox to my pc, as my isa client was restircted to use only one netowrk as local address i.e. the problem was rectified by maintaing a separate locallat.txt and adding the desire address range



xbx networking final round

wll guyz and gals also , i finally succeded in conecting my xbox to my LAN , thru my pc working as router, now i can easily browse windows share of my network from xbox using xbox media center (over smb protocol),  i ll post a complete tutorial , regarding that , InshaALlah, that ip problem i mentioned in my last post has been resolved ,it was due to ISA client LAT information , more on it laterz InshaALllah

xbx networking round 2

Ii hereby announce the success of xbx networking experiments for round 2. By the grace of almighty Allah ,the goals of the 2nd round of experiments have been achieved with PIN POINT ACCURACY  .

so what did i acheive and whats next on the list. i have been trying to network my xbox with pc, in the first stage i was able to connect my xbx ftp server from pc using static ip addressing , some weired issues .I installed xbmc on xbx and evox as dashboard . i have lan for my internet connection and our network has been cofigured for dhcp, my ip for the network is, hmm, when i tried to conect to xbox with pc , i configured both of them for static ip, with network address 192.168.1.xx, so my xbox was and  pc was, i tried connecting thru ftp client but ftp client was unable to find the other machine, and msg “netowrk is down” that really pissed my off , cuz PING was working properly , then for some  quick cheks , i started my webserver and ftp server on my pc , and tried to connect them with ip= and guess what , it was unable to find that , totally unbelievable , i changed my pc ip to something else thinking xx.xx.xx.1 might be reserverd for gateways and routers, but still no success, then after serverl tries i change the newtowrk address, and assigned my self , the ip from my LAN , i.e, and also changed the network address on xbx, and waoaah! it worked, i could not figure it out what was the cause of such behaviour after 2-3 hours of googling , any help in this regard will be highly appreciated, that was round 1 recap 🙂 . and for the round 2, i was aiming at accessing windows file share on xbx , with xbmc ,xbmc provides samba client to access windows share.

how ?

i created a user xbx on my system as normal user, assign him rights so that it can access my pc from netowrk, then edited the xbmc configuration file to identify shares and  pass the credentials, and voila , it worked

that was reallly a cheerful expereince, streaming from my windows share, all my videos/songs collection were availble on xbx,  that  mission  was a total success .

now the future plans , as i mentioned earlier, i m proceeding to bridge the 2 network (my LAN and xbx-pc network) now my next task will be to access the share on a different network using a domain user , i hope it will be acheived also ,today i ll  buy a lan card for my pc to access 2 different networks simultaneously working as a bridge , any information/suggestion  will be welcomed heartly 🙂

take carez

Cricket Fever

well here i m with 2 more games 🙂 , yo cricket fans

the first is the Cricket 2005 from EA ,  and second is Brian Lara 2005 from Code Masters

Cricket 2005 is packed with all EA traditional stuff , replays , slo-mo, nice texture quality, good cricket models, but one thing that seriuosly lack is the gameplay , sorry to say gameplay is quite poor , i find it hard to learn the  controls, plus the replay thing after every ball is really a pain in ass , and quite irritating is that u cant turn it off 😦

but it looks cool 🙂

Brian lara 2005 lacks quality texture and players model, but the game play is amazing, it ll make u addict ,graphics are smooth and acceptable, one notable feature from codemasters is the CLASSIC match , a lot of  new classic matches have been added , with quite challenging situation for both teams of that match, also the older matches are rendered in B&W shades for more real effects, that look  cool, further u can turn off the reply too ,:P

well for the freaks, ….. have both of them , 🙂

All your pitches are belong to us 🙂

xbx networking round 1

well i have been thinking abt wiring up my xbx with pc and rest of my network. At the moment , i have a pc with cablenetwork internet connection, when i have to move stuff to my xbx ,like songs, movies etc, i have to detach my lan cable from pc and have to use the crossover cable  to connect to the xbx and as i dont have a dhcp server running on my system, i have to assing my pc a static IP, although there isnt much thing to do , but after connecting 2 3 times, this whole sequence is making me bore 😦

so  now i m planning for a solution ,i ll put another lan adapter in my pc for conecting to xbx only,  my pc will then act as a bridge b.w 2 networks, i m also working for streaming media files to my xbx for watchin them on TV ,

status , uptill i m only able to ftp to my xbx from pc, but  , i m unable to stream the files to xbx 😦 ,