Agent Based Grid Computing

Introduction :
Agent Based Grid Computing was my final year project at NU-FAST.It was a research oriented project ,aiming to design a low cost solution for the Grid Computing combining the benifits of Software Agents. Our team had four members

  • Moiz Moinuddin
  • Syed Faraz Mahmood
  • Syed Mohammad Aneel
  • Noman Juzar Lakhdawala

Dr Zubair A. Shaikh consented to be our Project Supervisor. I, on behalf of my team , grateful to his continuous support and guidance, without which we would not be able to proceed much.

We investigated the idea about utilizing mobile software agents in grid computing environments. This area is currently under a lot of research activities. Our concept was to provide an abstract mapping of application threads over software agents forming mobile application threads, which can be dispatched to available computing resources for execution.

Project Deliverables:

Presentation : Agent Based Grid Computing (view on google docs)

Student Paper : Agent Based Grid Computing (view pdf)

PoC (will be added soon)

Additional Materials: (will be added soon)

One response to “Agent Based Grid Computing

  1. I hope I ll make it the same way u v made ur project…
    I would like ur idea on how to approach this topic for my final project….

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