xbx networking round 2

Ii hereby announce the success of xbx networking experiments for round 2. By the grace of almighty Allah ,the goals of the 2nd round of experiments have been achieved with PIN POINT ACCURACY  .

so what did i acheive and whats next on the list. i have been trying to network my xbox with pc, in the first stage i was able to connect my xbx ftp server from pc using static ip addressing , some weired issues .I installed xbmc on xbx and evox as dashboard . i have lan for my internet connection and our network has been cofigured for dhcp, my ip for the network is, hmm, when i tried to conect to xbox with pc , i configured both of them for static ip, with network address 192.168.1.xx, so my xbox was and  pc was, i tried connecting thru ftp client but ftp client was unable to find the other machine, and msg “netowrk is down” that really pissed my off , cuz PING was working properly , then for some  quick cheks , i started my webserver and ftp server on my pc , and tried to connect them with ip= and guess what , it was unable to find that , totally unbelievable , i changed my pc ip to something else thinking xx.xx.xx.1 might be reserverd for gateways and routers, but still no success, then after serverl tries i change the newtowrk address, and assigned my self , the ip from my LAN , i.e, and also changed the network address on xbx, and waoaah! it worked, i could not figure it out what was the cause of such behaviour after 2-3 hours of googling , any help in this regard will be highly appreciated, that was round 1 recap 🙂 . and for the round 2, i was aiming at accessing windows file share on xbx , with xbmc ,xbmc provides samba client to access windows share.

how ?

i created a user xbx on my system as normal user, assign him rights so that it can access my pc from netowrk, then edited the xbmc configuration file to identify shares and  pass the credentials, and voila , it worked

that was reallly a cheerful expereince, streaming from my windows share, all my videos/songs collection were availble on xbx,  that  mission  was a total success .

now the future plans , as i mentioned earlier, i m proceeding to bridge the 2 network (my LAN and xbx-pc network) now my next task will be to access the share on a different network using a domain user , i hope it will be acheived also ,today i ll  buy a lan card for my pc to access 2 different networks simultaneously working as a bridge , any information/suggestion  will be welcomed heartly 🙂

take carez


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