As you might already know that I am Syed Faraz Mahmood, a software developer by profession. I am currently working for Sharesoft Solutions in Dubai, UAE. Here I have been working on since March 2006. Prior to joing Sharesoft Solutions, i was working as a software engineer at Kalsoft Pvt Ltd in Karachi , right after my graduation from NU-FAST in May 2004.

I have special interest in Compiler Design, Distributed Computing, Operating System and Game Programming. Gaming has been my passion ever since i was introduced to games (Atari ) during late 80’s, and then nintendo, sega , pc, and now xbox and soon wii :D.

The purpose of this blog is nothing but to express myself to greater extent as I have always enjoyed writing and reading.

post will be mostly categorised in .net /.net cf/ programming /xbox/ random thoughts/ compilers/ intersting stuff /networking etc etc .

At the time of writing this , blog is almost empty , i have to move my old blogs from msn spaces to here. i think they will be here by next week or so.

so have a nice time browsing here and there.

(and dont forget to put your comments .it just take a few moments :))

Syed Faraz Mahmood

26 responses to “About

  1. Welcome sayed , really nice post (MSN Add-in ) 🙂 .

  2. U a Libra…goody…i’m a Libra too 🙂

  3. nice to meet u 😀

  4. @ahmed
    thnx a lot

  5. asalam o alaikum
    nice to see u on the internet.
    have u ever written an operating system or any sort of game??

  6. wa alikum as salam ,
    nice to see too ,:)
    well I haven’t written a complete OS in strict sense. I wrote a sort of OS for a virtual machine(MIPS based) during my OS course at FAST. It was targeted to manage the underlying VM resources i.e processor and memory. VM was based on a simple MIPS instruction set. OS had support for multitasking and hence could execute multiple processes using Round-Robin scheduling algorithm. OS also managed the memory heap and had API for allocating and deallocating memory time. following are the features.
    * A Virtual Machine
    * Memory Manager
    * Process Scheduler
    * A Window System (available via system call)
    * A Shell to interact with the OS along with a number of useful commands.

    Later on I did some experiments on boot strapping and was able to boot strap from a floppy along with a simple echo program.

    As far as gaming is concerned, i still remembered my very first project at FAST ‘Cruel Intention’ 🙂 . It was an adventure based game with custom story line and wad done using mod 13 h . But unfortunately I haven’t done any major thing on windows / DX .

  7. gr8 sstuff faraz, keep it up
    hows dubai and development in dubai?

  8. thanks, :),
    well dubai is good , but software development isn’t flourishing much here. Here the trend is to have off the shelf solutions and have them customized accordingly, which is quite appropriate for the kind project that this market offers. Apart from it,cost of running a software house is quite high here, therefore most prefer to outsource them to Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

  9. i havent seen any softwerare house except 2 , which are dubai based.

    but u seems quite right.
    wat abt the salary scale for a 1 year exp. person and 3+ yrs exp. person?

  10. Libra’s rule…..:)) yayyyy!!!

  11. wud ur mama happened to work at the college in academic city or something like that? coz my friend that goes there (BITS) says theres a teacher there with a son who’s name is faraz. now im cuirous.. is that you??

    hee, fatim.

  12. omg, one more thing.. im a libra, too!! my b’day is in 5 more!!
    oh and eid mubarak from now.. :))

  13. @fatim ,
    no i am not that faraz .
    hey happy brithday and eid mubarak in advance 😀

  14. Hello ,
    I hope you are fine and carrying on the great work you have been doing for the Pakistani side of Internet. I am Ghazala Khan

    from The Pakistani Spectator (TPS), We at TPS throw a candid look on everything happening in and for Pakistan. We are trying

    to contribute our humble share in the blogistan.

    We at TPS are carrying out a new series of interviews with the notable Pakistani bloggers. In that regard, we would like to

    interview you, if you dont mind. Please send me your approval for your interview, so that I could send you the questions. We

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    Ghazala Khan
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  15. asaalamualaikum fraz bhai.
    me amna. i just hav read ur detailed notes on GRE.i too,want go through it.i need some guidence from u.would u plz do it?

  16. walikum assalam sister,
    I will be happy to guide you through your test.
    Best of luck !!!

  17. Shakeel Ahmed

    Nice blog Faraz.. Keep writing…

  18. Thanks a lot Shakeel bhai.

  19. oh faraz bhai u r so talented.when i open this site i really dont know that its one urdu member farz mahmood .thats mean now u can help me in computer subject bcuz i m crazy abt computet thats why i choose computer subject in my inter studies.yup i need some guidence from u abt computer.best of luck.

  20. Assalam -o- alikum
    i want some help in cfg’s of LL(1) grammar. spefically in grammar of expressions .. and m writting it for

  21. Assalam -o- alikum
    i want some help in cfg’s of LL(1) grammar. specifically in grammar of expressions .. and m writing it for

  22. Aan Sir Fraz je How are you.
    really good
    i Enjoy it.
    good luck sir je

  23. Hey Faraz…
    As per my last comment on ur blog..Could it be possible to get Faridi Series Novels here ??
    People will remember u for uploading Imran Series 120 novels 🙂
    Whereas all the site i have found and searched hardly had 2 or 3 😦
    good work chuck by doing a hall of fame 😉


  24. Is this Faraz whom went to schoool in the Bahamas.

    Kasimu Ellis

  25. Assalam o allikum faraz bhai…
    i m choclate..hehe…nice to see ur website..mere to maze ho gye.:)

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