Windowing – Window Transparenter

Windowing is a small utility that allows you to adjust the transparency level of all the available windows on your desktop. The applications on startup lists all the availble visible windows by enumerating them it then allow you enable /disable transparency by modifying the windows class style , setting up the layered style, and then with a slider you can adjust the alpha value of the window. Alpha value is an 8 bit value.

Almost all of the functionalities were implemented via p/invoke as .net framework does not provide APIs for enumerating windows and update the window class. Only UI elements are managed component.

You can download the application with source code from this link. DOWNLOAD WINDOWING

3 responses to “Windowing – Window Transparenter

  1. Amazing application…I downloaded it long time back but got a chance to use it just a few days ago….very nice work!!!

  2. 😀 thanks
    btw , where did you try the application (i guess in office :P, as it was meant to be used there , at least in my case :D)

  3. No….at home 😛 Was just checking it out… main tu don’t ask…I just can’t manage to work and chat in parallel 😦 So, I prefer to just work and chat only when it’s really needed.

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