xbx networking round 1

well i have been thinking abt wiring up my xbx with pc and rest of my network. At the moment , i have a pc with cablenetwork internet connection, when i have to move stuff to my xbx ,like songs, movies etc, i have to detach my lan cable from pc and have to use the crossover cable  to connect to the xbx and as i dont have a dhcp server running on my system, i have to assing my pc a static IP, although there isnt much thing to do , but after connecting 2 3 times, this whole sequence is making me bore 😦

so  now i m planning for a solution ,i ll put another lan adapter in my pc for conecting to xbx only,  my pc will then act as a bridge b.w 2 networks, i m also working for streaming media files to my xbx for watchin them on TV ,

status , uptill i m only able to ftp to my xbx from pc, but  , i m unable to stream the files to xbx 😦 ,


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