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As I got bored of blog theme, so I have changed it once again. 🙂

anyways , there are lot of thoughts that have been acculmated in my head, and wanted to be scattered out. I will see when I get enough time to spit them out. Until then , enjoy the life : ).



Finally I got some time to rant again over this blog. Although I wasn’t really busy during this whole duration, but I didn’t get anything particular to blog about.

Just to update all of my beloved readers, about the things happened in between my last and this post. Well I have stated my MS Computer Science (finally) at George Mason University, begining this fall, bought a psp few  months  back and successfully moded it. I intend to write about my admission process in another blog entry, so wait for it.

what else, oh yes, I have also started cooking  ,(well if you  count ,turning the switch of rice cooker as cooking).  😀

see you then.

Do you recognize the building in the photo?? ;)

Well I don’t know what to say , :D, Just now my friend pointed out an error on the Jang‘s news update page. Here is a snapshot,

Can you figure out , what is the source of error here .:D,

see closely , its not that much difficult.

C’mon, C’mon,

well, this is the photo of right corner of FAST karachi campus :D, and it has nothing to do with Removal of 10% Tax on Wheat Import


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Interviewed @ PakSpectator

well my few moments of fame, as I was interviewed by The Pakistan Spectator (TPS).  It was first experience of giving an interview. I hope you may got a little more info about what and how I think. Don’t forget to leave your precious comment.