Javed Miandad on 4menshow

4menshow has been gaining popularity these days. These guys have abundant supplies of talent and ideas. They usually mock on political situation of Pakistan and perform parodies of famous politician and other notable personalities. Following is a recent show regarding Javed Miandad, enjoy!!!

part 1:

part 2:






Demonoid is back

If you know what is Demonoid, then you might already knew that its back, hurayyyy!!. and by sheer factor of luck if you don’t have any idea what this would mean, then my sympathies are with you. :P.

Demonoid, is a site for sharing torrent files. It hosts a large no. of torrent files. Torrents are sort of links to actual files which are hosted on different peers all over the world. Bit Torrents is p2p technology for sharing large files. Users usually get a torrent file from servers like Demonoid, piratebay, meganova,torrentbox. These torrent files contain links to the tracker of the data file ( e.g movies, Linux distro etc). The actual downloads are not hosted on the servers and are dispersed over a no. of peers. Most of the time, torrent client is downloading different chunks from a large no. of peers. Trackers are used to collect statistic about a torrent i.e no of uploaders a.k.a seeders, and no of downloaders a.k.a leechers, and are very vital to the torrent network. Most of the torrents sites are usually available for free, you might required to create an account. However some requires paid subscription for accessing the listed torrents and only allows registered members to access the tracker. Some sites, although free, but require you maintain certain DL:UL ratio (usually at least 0.5), you may receive a warning if your ratio get too low. This is intended to promote a sharing community, because without sharing, torrent community will come to its knees. It is often recommended to upload at least the amount which you have downloaded.

So, what’s so cool about Demonoid. I think, it is the best torrent site, I have ever landed on. It is free if you want to access only latest uploaded torrent files, but to access the older files, you are required to be registered. Registration is also free, but opens only at some unannounced time during each month(usually start /end of month). Torrents are usually of good quality and categorized making them easy to locate.

Demonoid has been receiving law suits threat from the beginning, they moved their server from Germany to Canada ( afaik ) to avoid them. Last week they received another notice from CRIA. (Why these anti-piracy morons always come when something is hitting the big scene, where were they, when the technology was in its infancy, I am sure an intelligent investment at that time would not only benefited them but also they might have contributed something important to the computer industry.)Their website was down for few days, though the server was replying to ping messages. Now they are back. welcome back!!



Silver Jubilee


yep, it is here at last , after a whole year since last year’s , 26 th September,  my 25th birthday anniversary. I think its a coincident but today is also the full moon 😀 ( you are free to make connections and assumptions ).



My GRE experience


I apologize for my extremely long absence from the screen. I had been busy with my GRE preparations as I am intended to purse Graduate Studies at US universities for fall’08 session. I had my test on 10th September 2007 at Prometric Test center (G01 ,Block 2B, Knowledge Village). Alhamdullilah , I have scored 1310 /1600  ( V:520/800,  Q:790/800). I think my score is quite decent if not spectacular, as 1500+ is not a rare score. I am waiting for the AWA assessment, which will be dispatched in 3-4 weeks (I hope).

Graduate Record Exam – General (GRE) is a standardized test often required at the admission in graduate studies in US universities. It is composed of 3 section; 1) Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)  ,2) Quantitative (Q) , 3) Verbal (V).   AWA is scored at the scale of 6 , while Q and V both are marked out of 800. GRE is administered all over the globe in many countries. It is offered in 2 formats; Paper Based Test (PBT) and Computer Based Test (CBT). CBT is offered at most of the centers. PBT usually offered at centers only when CBT can not be administered at that center. GRE CBT is an adaptive test, which means you response of the current question determines the difficulty level of next question. If you answered wrong then the next question might be less difficult one then the one you just answered. Therefore it is often advised to get correct as many as you can in the beginning (5-10), to get a good score range. If you  answered wrong in the beginning then your score will be affected badly, no matter you answered the rest correctly. In CBT, you can not move back to a previous question and you must answer each question before moving on. PBT are a different that they are not adaptive, they have fixed set of question and you can work on the question which you have skipped.

I think the ability which GRE tries to assess ,is your responsiveness within limited boundaries of time. In Quantitative section you are given 28 problems and 45 minutes to work them out and in Verbal section you have 30 minutes to answer 30 questions. Quantitative covers high school mathematics concepts while verbal targets your knowledge of English language. I don’t think question in mathematics are difficult to be solved, what makes them tough is the time restrain. Anyone can solve the toughest question of the test given enough time but you have usually 1 minute and 30 seconds to understand and solve a question, and that’s where your problem solving ability comes into light. Sometimes you have to look into the problem in an unconventional way. You should avoid any lengthy calculation and try to use common sense and mathematical facts to discard unnecessary calculations. Verbal section examines your knowledge of English. I think memorizing a lot of words won’t do any good here unless you know how to use them, that’s what , which is tested in GRE. Verbal section contains Analogies, Antonyms, Sentence Completion, Comprehension.

I don’t feel myself at ease in verbal section, but having a mathematical background I can better perform in the quantitative section. I started preparing for GRE in January 2007, initially I was planning for taking the test in April or May. Unfortunately due to my extremely busy schedule(:P), I wasn’t able to take it until now. I regret that, I have spent too much time during this period. I don’t know why , but it happens often to me, when I have some tasks at hand, I usually loose my concentration on that task, and try to escape by engaging myself in completely worthless activities at that very moment. When I started preparing for GRE, suddenly I found myself completely indulge in all activities except, preparation :D, gaming, movies, swimming, gym, sleeping, HP(harry potter), Programming (I was overwhelmed by the numbers of idea pouring in my head while I was trying my best to learn a wordlist :)) .Though they weren’t worthless activities but they aren’t pertinent to the preparation. And now the test is over, I feel less attracted towards them.

Few advices for those, who are preparing for GRE. First and foremost, do take a diagnostic test before your preparation. It will indicate you current standing  and let you to estimate the effort required and an approximation of your score. For verbal section try to LEARN as many words as you can. Baron’s has a decent word list of 3,500 words along with a High Frequency Words list, both are really good, especially HFW, you can start by learning HFW then moving on to the complete wordlist. A part from learning the words, try to read as many articles/ book as you can that are rich in usage of these words. For quantitative section, I have only two thing to say Practice and CONSTANT VIGILENCE!!. work out as many problems as you can. Take model tests. Visit online forums where users discusses questions and their solving strategy. check http://www.urch.com/forums. Revise your basic mathematics concepts, Algebra, Logarithms, Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics, Ratio , Proportions, Series ,Sequences. And keep a watch on your time. For AWA, again practice.

Well quite a lengthy post after a long time. All the best!!



Another Independence Day : 14th August 2007


One more year has passed and another one started. The peregrination that started 60 years ago on 14th August 1947  has completed 60 glorious years and still vibrant and energetic in spite of all the ups and downs that She has faced during the past 60 years.

We as a nation are entering a very tough and critical stage in view of the current political situation on national and international arena. Last year was one of horrible years of the history of Pakistan. Here is a reminiscent of events that I remember.

  • Waziristan Operation
  • Bugti Issue
  • Tussle of the Chiefs (CEO vs CJP)
  • Massacre of 12th May
  • Lal Masjid Operation witnessed the barbarism of army against its own people.
  • Numerous Suicidal Bombing incidents through out the year and especially after Lal Masjid issue ,claiming a number of innocent lives.
  • Oil Prices shooting higher and higher
  • Inflation and its consequences on the not an elite class.
  • Heavy rainfall and the inability of City Government to cope up with the disasters yet still claiming the situation under complete control without any remorse.
  • Severe shortage of Electricity and bombastic announcement to control it by the end of 2007 ,failing miserably short of the target.
  • Non-Uniformity about the Uniform.
  • Presidential Power Play.
  • Dealing with the DEAL.
  • WAR on Terror with terror.
  • Rumors about declaring state of Emergency.
  • Democratic Dictatorship
  • Humiliating dismissal of Pakistan from the Cricket World Cup.
  • Ever increasing gap between so called enlightened liberals and so called extremist.

But still , we have hopes ,hopes to make things better, hopes to make Pakistan better, hopes to pull out the country from the turmoil.

Let’s Make Pakistan Better. Pakistan Zindabad




Lt. General Hamid Gul Interview


I came across 2 interviews of Lt. General Hamid Gul, and I must admit he is man of his words, a true soldier, having played well on the political arena of Pakistan and still no guilty conscious , no political compromises to his name, even when the surrounding is filled with political filth. Salute to you General.

1 ) Insight with Javed Malik  [source: PK Politics www.pkpolitics.com ]

2) Jawabdeh :

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5




Is it over then ? Harry Potter and Deathly Hollow released

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollow, seventh and last episode of the Harry Potter series has launched yesterday and one copy of it is resting in my hands at the moment. DH was set to release at July 21 3 am in the morning almost at all bookstores and hypermarkets all over Dubai. There were attractive advertisements from different resellers in the Friday newspapers ranging from photoshot with Daniel Redcliff to lucrative sale for a short duration during the launch.

Although J.K.Rowling took aggressive steps to ensure that book won’t get leaked before its launch but it got leaked and just a day or two before the launch day, electronic copy of the book was circulating widely and wildly on the Internet along with a number of fake ones. Avoiding a fake one, I think, is pretty easy if you have read the previous ones and have ready it many times. I am sure you will agree with me that J.K.Rowling has got style of her own , a unique style, which none of the fake one could copy. There are two versions of the electronic copy of the book are circulating (one is a complete page by page photo of complete book and other is the complete text in either .doc or .pdf. ( I know what you are thinking right now and yes ,you are right;) )

Anyway, we decided to checkout the launch at Geant Hypermarket in Ibn-e-Batuta mall, and may be if we got lucky enough, we might had a copy of DH for ourselves. We reach the mall at around 2:45 am, hoping we were the only fanatics there at the launch, but amazed to see a lot people gathered there. They were around 70-80 in numbers, all standing patiently in a queue, which vanished quickly as the hypermarket’s entrances were opened at 3 am , and a torrent of people from different age group started rushing into the hypermarket, we were among them. We were at the back of the crowd, I searched for the book stall and immidiately found it. The number of book was small, I feared that I won’t get hold of any book there, and hence I rushed towards the stand, and when we reached there , I saw almost all of the book intact from the crowd before us, which had to our amazement, diverted towards the electronics section (15-20 % sale for 3am 6am exclusively for HP launch). That was a scene to watch, people waiting in line for almost hours, not to grab the book which is being launched but for the daily use electronic items, that they can buy any day. The stunned me for sometime, when I recovered , I picked up my copy (AED 99/-) alongwith two of my friends who picked their copies too. There was very short term (25% off) sale on books and CD/DVDs , so the book cost me around AED 75/-. I also purchased the previous books of the series, as I don’t have a copy of them. That makes AED 270/- for the complete HP series.

Queue at Geant

[Queue at Geant]

Queue still contd.

HP7 Book Stand

[HP 7 Book Stand ]

3 proud owners

[RTL: Irfan bhai ,Khurram bhai  and Invisible me (holding the book)]

Electronic Sale at Geant

Electronic Sale at Geant

So now I am reading it, just finished the chapter 15. I have only slept for 2-3 hours after I started reading it at 4:00 am in the morning. I guess, I will complete it in a few hours. Let me know if you need any spoilers 😛 . By the way, as always it is the best of JKR, as far as I have read it.



Photo credits: Fazeel bhai)