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Xbox gaming system.

fifa 2005

hmm so i got my hands dirty with fifa 2K5 ,

i started playing soccer on console since atari days, that was named SOCCER, then nintendo , then sega, which gave birth to fifa 95,  afaik, fifa 98 was the first pc version of the popular game, i have playd fifa 2k then fifa 2k2 on pc , well i accept that i m not a hardcore fan of fifa serires, rather i wuld like strategy/adventure games. laast week after the death of ma pc , i bought this fifa2k5 for xbx, and u know what , it extremly addictive, 😛 , really good gameplay , with much real life expreince, i m still exploring the features of game ,


9 stars 😀


Prince Of Persia Warrior Within tips abt Life Upgrade 2

Most of u guys earned the life upgrade #2 after getting the Eye of Storm, but infact u can earn this even before first upgrade which u get after killing shahdee

so where is this,


after u get the power of recall , follow the gril in black , just when u reach the fortress entrance , where u defeated the CROW MASTER go to the place ,where crow master teleport itself after being defeated first time, here u will find sand plus a switch , this switch opens a short hole just below the swtich that controls gate entrance, now u have to be very quick without having eye of storm, i did it succesfully ,but also crushed many time by the hole opeing , a trick is to climb staairs direclty and roll over to the hole , if u were lucky u will be able to get inside

cheers 🙂

Using Slayers Autoinstaller 2.6

hmmm 🙂

so this story is about slayer versin 2.6 releasd somewhere in september 2004

slyares dont host the download of package on their site, they just host the manual :), ( some legal issues)

u can download the package here

or get it from #xbins  on irc
passwd for exe is : sevx2.6

so what will be in the download ,
the donwload containse the xbox cd image file  or more precisly an XISO ,
ISO normal cd/dvd image file
XISO xbox cd/dvd image file ,

this xiso is actually a bootable media , it contains evox dahsboard , xbmc xbmp, hddloader ,dvd2x etc

so just burned this xiso to a cdr/cdrw /dvd-r etc whichever is comfortable for ur xbx, i did it with cdrw, and it works.

put the burned cd/dvd in xbox and reboot the sytem with modchip on this display a menu and let u perform different operations, chk the slayers manaul for the description,
by default the ip settnig contained in the slayer’s xiso are  to use DHCP server, ( which i dont think is a common case in paksitan , we normally use cross-over cable to conect xbx and pc) ,if ur r running a dhcp server on ur system , then go ahead burn the media ,else u need to set setting to use STATIC IP, to accomplish this use  EXTRACT-ISO tool availble on xbox-scene to extract the files from XISO then edit EVOX.INI file look NETWORK section ,
make sure it look like this

SetupNetwork = Yes
StaticIP = Yes

then recreate ur XISO with EXTRACT-ISO using this file ,  and burned the XISO to media ,

now when u boot from the media static ip will be assigned to the xbx and u can conect to it with cross-over cbale easily

gud luck

My xbox modding story

i have recently moded my xbox

my xbox version is 1.6 with philps dvd drvie,

modcihp – Alladin live

hacked bios  –  Evox M8+

hdd -segate 10gb

after modding  i looked for homebrewed apps , like evox  dash board, xbmc, etc and a way to install  ,i found them but couldnt figure out how to install 🙂

then by going thru lots of forums i came to know that there is thing called SLAYER’s autoinstaller .

any way i installed the those apps and MMUUHAA!!

now i love ma xbox even more ,

evox dashboard is quite cool and that changeable skin option is something attractive.

now i can save games on ma xbox and also wath vcd,divx movies and other format media 😉

sum useful links

most xbox aaps/software are available on IRC check #Xbins channel , this is due to legal reasons, the apps are considered illegal and cannot be hosted publicly 😉