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Some networking ventures , I took with my beloved pc and laptop

Wikipedia ~ friend or foe

Wikipedia , one of the buzz word of recent times, I think anyone who has used internet , has  definitely landed on site , which claims to be the largest online editable encylopedia serving 1688000+ english articles.

Wikipedia allow its user to create /change new articles. Users add /update articles, discuss about the different  aspects of the articles like presentation ,layout etc. Often disagreement of different users on issues bring admins into action. They arbitrate the matter on hand to resolve the issue. Wikipedia also employs a restriction scheme so that an arcticle cannot be reverted back frequently during a defined preiod of time.

Wikipedia has been the source of vast knowledge. But can we trust the unbiassness of the source. This is a major question that a lot people raising these days.  Usually the scientific articles are more trusthworty but the political articles contains a lot of biasness not only from the users but also from the moderators/admins of wikipedia. Like articles on Pakistan, Islam, World Wars,Bush , US , India, are mostly biased either pretending the issue at hand to be a misrepresentation of the facts as in case of Pakistan , Islam or covering the facts imposing false representation as in case of US, India etc.

Those who dared to correct the facts have been targeted by the biased user lobbies, and ulitmately fall victim to a premanent ban by admins/moderators who back those user lobbies. Following articles shed some light on the issue. I don’t know about the credibility of the authors, but I have found some biasness in the wiki article, so i think they are quite correct in their claim.


Wikipedia: The untimely rise and expected fall
Wikipedia is controlled by group bullying and hatefulness

 “Wikipedia: The Untimely rise and expected fall” article was written by Mr. Asad Asif, following is the link of his article on his blog.

Wikipedia: The untimely rise and expected fall by Asad Asif.


(do let me know about your experience)



AYBABTU ~ Gaming over VPN ,

well just a few minutes ago , i performed another succesfull experiement :),

i was trying to setup a gaming network over vpn , so that i can play games with my other fellows at distatnt locations. i feel proud to announce that the required results have been achieved sucessfully with pin point accuracy. 0240 hrs was the historcial moment , that witnessed the glory that mankind has never achieved before 😛

actually the idea was to play some multiplayer game over vpn on internet. our isp is DIC telecom which also provide service for vpn connectivity. any dic internet user can connect to the vpn ,this link will guide u to the connection procedure

this will add another network interface on ur my network connetcions.

well by defualt broadcast packets are not forwarded to the vpn interface.(and i still dont know how to enable it) 🙂

we tried earlier using warcraft 3, to connect over vpn, but wc does not support direct connection to the server, it searchs for the server by communicating via UDP Broadcast messages,therefore we werent able to connect to the server over vpn.

so we picked another game , this blessed game “command and conqueres :Generals”

it worked !!!!!

we specified our vpn ip in the network options (both lan and internet ip set to vpn ip),and used direct join feature in multiplayer option. for remote ip we specified the ip of our server and whoa !!!!!

gameplay was almost smooth with some very minor jerking,

so i guess this weekend i ll not be available 😀

next game to test, UT2004, Hl2, NFS mostwanted ,FIFA2006

all the best

Acer Ferrari 4005, is the prancing horse really prancing ?

though i decided to write on another topic but content of the blog suggested a different one.. i m not full time reviewer, below are my views based on my experience,

i m a developer working mostly on .net platform.

i m currently using acer Ferrari4005 laptop . before acquireing it , i fanstasize a lot about owing it , but after using it i concluded that its a total waste of money

acer ferrari claims to be the top notch notebook in the market. it will mesmerize u , when you look at it. I like its design and light weightness plus a carbon fiber hand rest.

the gadget is fitted with quite a lot of things

amd turion ml-37 (64 bit processor @ 2.00Ghz)

1 gig ram

100 gig HDD

wifi lan (802.11 a/g/b)

giga bit lan

blue tooth,

infra red ,

4 usbport

dvi out ,

vga out


slot load optical drive DVD-RAM, ( slot load =no tray)

5in1 cardreader

so far so good

it would be better if acer ships the naked machine without any software installed on it ,

now i would like to list the things that pissed me a lot. i ll list facotry defaults setting.

2 *45 Gig partioins formated with FAT32

wtf , MS is marketing its NTFS and helllo here we are getting FAT32 to handle 45 gigs of hdd. this is quite annoying, FAT32 was more suitable for smaller volumes, though it can handle such volumes but in order to do it will make bigger clusters, wihich will ulitmately result in loss in hdd space,( on my 2 gig from precious 45 gig were wasted for the sake of FAT32,) the pre-installed OS comes installed on the laptops, the configure themselves for the user on first boot , and things go on. no options to select the volume foramt type etc. :@. i m also fond of downloading, and downloads a lots of stuff , kazaa , emule , bit torrent , free download manager. etcc , if ur dl directory is on FAT32 system, and if if if by chance ur system crashes , your whole donwloads get fucked up, FAT32 leaves dirty bit on. NTFS employs transactional based file writing , so that such type of losss generally decreases to much much lower extent.

stupid lcd screen

( i cant recall a better name for it), Lcd comes with ferrari is of very high resoultion indede 1600*1280, 15.4″ widescreen , now the hard part is that it does not support wide angle support, that means it will be visible only at certain viewing angles, also the display result in not good enoguh, as compared to othe lower end notebooks like HP pavilon , dell inspiron, etc and they provide wide viewing angle , to maximize visual experience.i m an ubale to understand the reason for this, if u r manufacturing a top notch gadget , why to cut budget on single item 😦

acer softwares:

the default factroy installation comes with some acer software , which i didnt like , i m unable to find any use of them, especially easy recovery it keeps monitoring the hdd. grid vista no used, only thing i found useful was BIOS setting from desktop. everyting else was a picee of shift.


key board a bit curved , i m still unable to get used to .

bluetooth and wirless button,

these are beautiful button to activate/de activate blue tooth and wirless, but located at an annoying location.

re-installation of windows.

the package does not come with a windows xp cd, so if ur windows get corrupted it will be recovered by using recoery cd , sets every thing to the factory defaults, (same shits again). although a copy of windows xp resiides on ur c drive , which u can use to make an installation cd ;),

conclusion ,

dotn buy it , hhehee

well machine is quite decent, but there are some catch, if u are happy with them , u can proceed 🙂

Knoppix-live linux frm CD : first encounter

whaaooa !!!

the time is 4:26 , almost 45 minutes ago , i just booted my pc with Knoppix to expereince the live linux,, and i m still in amaze 🙂 i must say what the F*&k , this is damn sexiest thing i have ever witnessed, sorry ladies, but this live linux distribution is driving me crazy, i m wrting this blog from mozilla browser from knoppix distro

well what is a linux live cd , live linux are distirubtion of linux which resides on the cd/dvd, and there is no need to install them , u just boot off from ur cd, the loader will load os into RAM , wihtout ever touching ur HDD,and i mean complete OS ,with many application available in this distro of knoppix ( including koffice, kdevelopment IDE, a ful fledge media player capable of playing divx files, audio player, network tools, mulitmeida tools , and whole lot more

although there are options available to install these live linux distro, i dont think they are much needed :),the knoppix creates all files in memory (RAM) uunless specified, it also has the support of USB drives ,so that u can persist ur desktop and fiels on the usb and can easily carry over.It is also quoted very often that a usb stick +live linux cd(knoppix in our case) makes a mobile desktop, u just need these 2, and every pc becomes ur own pc 🙂

i was half asleep before rebooting the system, the download just finished about 1 and half hour ago, i had to burn the cd so that a bootable media is available, and after 5 mins it shocked me :D,

newayz , i wuld recomnd this distro to all linux enthusiasts, specially students and normall windows user who just want to taste linux without actually modifying their harddisk ,and intalling it 🙂
long live linux 🙂


Adding Custom HTML to Blog: site hits, signature files ( MSN spaces)

well bak once again,  if u are reading this chk my home at , scroll down , dij yaa c dat, site hit count , and custom signature,

ever thought of adding the custom htlm code , script snippets, well msn spaces has this hidden feature, currently available in beta state but Available 🙂

to chk this, do one thing , sign in to ur space  , add  &powertoy=sandbox  to the url in address bar and hit enter, :), now click customize  , chk the MOdule dropdown , there is an addtional module named Power Toys :Custom Html , add this module, and put ur html inside the provided space,, save changes, hmm now privew ur space,  ur custom html will be executing 😀

ta ta

Free Website Counter



Ever wonder abt the numbered directories created on the ur system after installing some softwares , sometimes when add a component to ur windows a popup pops up on ur screen asking for bla bal file, at location xyz\1033\

wel wel , for ur kind information this 1033 is the language id for en-us language i.e ENGLISH(USA),:) , sometimes u find 0409 in place 1033 , well this is the hex equivalent of 1033,

they are here to store lanagugae related features in spearate directories, cuz nowadays multilingual applications are getting pop, ppl want to interact with pc in their own languages, microsft came up with this implementation

chk the following link for details



wel back again , ramzan has been started ,timings have been changed , but still my schedule hasnt been adjusted yet :(, well here i m to introduce u with something different , think wat comes to ur mind with word SQUID, hmm squid or may be (Mastigoteuthis flamea )a first hit at wikipedia shows that

Squids are the large, diverse group of marine cephalopods, popular as food in cuisines as widely separated as the Korean and the Italian. In fish markets and restaurants in English-speaking countries, it is often known by the name calamari, from the Greek-Italian word for these animals. ”

yes inded that octupus sort of creature,but i didnt intent to speak of that 🙂 ,gosh ! then wat the hell is squid

ok here is a disambiguation page 😛 Squid (disambiguation)

Infact i m eager to talk about Squid – a web proxy-cache (open source developed for *nix system)

A web proxy server acts like a gateway ,usually listening for http request and forwarding them to desired location and returning the results. A lot of the web cotent is also static material, caching improves the overall of user experience. Most proxy server usually deploy some sort of caching mechanism to improve quality of service and lessen the bandwidht consumption. Squid is also among them , but it provides a lot of eye candy feature too, its under constant development version 2.5 is a stable version and version 3 is in beta state. i liked its feature of smaller executables and lesser deployment requirement and yet easy configuration. i assure u once downloaded(2-3 mb ) it takes only 30 seconds to deployment for a standard set of features(on windows machine) 🙂 and yes i m not bluffing :).

just to give u a perspective how i landed on squid , well, at my home , i have cable network connection for connecting to internet, there are 2 http proxy server availbel on network ,(tracks1 , tracks4). some time one is up and some time sencod, some time both up and some time both down :P. i use IE , mozilla, getrigth , msn , all of them require http proxy :), so one of the server misbehave then i had to change all my configurations, which is much annoying to me , i hate hardwork :), so i thought of a solution of writing a small proxy server myself , which will load balance the request thus i dont have to switch proxies. while doing the research i came accros this squid page, i knew wat squid but not throghouly , and didnt have any idea of its potentials 🙂 . On the home page it says it is developed for unix systems. i looked for ported binaries and found one for windows downloaded the binary, after going thru the help manuals i easily configured the proxy server in mere 15 mins, i just allowed access to all public to the proxy server ,setup the peer parent proxy(tracks 1 , tracks4) , instruct to use round robin algo for selecting peers for forwarding the request and my server is up and running :). now i m using my both proxies at full ,and even if one downs , i dont have to reconfigure my settings at all, here is a snap shot my configuration file

squid.conf (it is already heavily it and read carefully :))


#striped defualts
acl INSIDE dstdomain
always_direct allow INSIDE
never_direct allow all
cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query round-robin #my parent proxy
cache_peer parent 80 0 no-query round-robin #my parent proxy

http_access allow all


that’s all i have to enter now my proxy is runing on port3128(defualt) one , with load balancing the request . u can also specify domain for each porxy i.e whcih domain should be accessible from whch parent.

i m happy 🙂

a summary of squid featues

  • proxying and caching of HTTP, FTP, and other URLs
  • proxying for SSL
  • cache hierarchies ( like i did – u can built an heriarchy of cache siblings and parents all wokring together to server better)
  • ICP, HTCP, CARP, Cache Digests (these are management protocls so that 2 chache can communciate with each other )
  • transparent caching
  • WCCP (Squid v2.3 and above)
  • extensive access controls (u can now use win32 domain based authentication as well as NTLM and digest schemes too, to control who and what should be accessed )
  • HTTP server acceleration (this is also called reverse caching , in this u setup ur web server behind the squid and squid caches the reponse of the web server serving them to the cleints witiohout hitting the server repeatedly ,generally its is used acclerate slow web servers)
  • SNMP
  • caching of DNS lookups
  • in the windows nt binary distibution ,u can install it as a window service
  • detailed loggin mechanism
  • easy customization thru configuration files
  • different option for selecting chaching policy like lru , fcfs etc.
  • and many more 🙂 i m still playing with it
  • small size binaries 🙂

InshaAllah i li try to explore further and let u know , hope u will be eager to put ur hands on the squid , have a nice encounter

tc Allah hafiz