Why do I blog?


Today,when  I was “marketing” about my blog ( as usual) to one of my colleague , he fired this question. “Why do you blog?”. I said “Just wanted to express my self , my thoughts” .”But why you do so ?” he asked again. “hmm” , I asked my self, “Why do I blog, Why do I want to express my self, am I just following trend or is it something else.” I somehow managed to satisfy his question, but I am still thinking about it.

I started blogging when MSN spaces was launched. I named my blog as dotcompilerator, as I intended to compile my thoughts and experiences regarding compilers and compiler generators on the blog, but unfortunately I did exact opposite :), I posted about a lot of different things but no compiler stuff.

MSN spaces were ok for blogging, but it did not appeal much to me. So I planned to switch to blogspot, after moving some post , I found the migration process a bit tiresome, specially when I could not change my time stamps. So then I moved on to wordpress, though it also does not provide any migration process, but still copy and pasting from MSN spaces was easy, (thanks to Allah , I wasn’t an active blogger then). It was an interesting story how I got introduced with WordPress. Me and a couple of other friends started a funny blog about our another very good friend, We started on blogspot, but unfortunately we lost our blogger account, so I looked for other blogging sites, and found wordpress  a very nice and easy one to play around. so we moved all our posts from blogspot to wordpress, and that’s how I became acquaintance with wordpress. Although we took down the blog about our beloved friend after his repeated requests and threats :P, but I remain glued to wordpress and so I moved on to wordpress.

But , the question is still here, why do I blog? As I said earlier, it was an effort to compile my notes on compilers and compilers generators, which unfortunately has not been started yet, so I started writing about different stuff, that I found interesting enough to share with you. My xbox networking experiences, .net stuff , personal projects, Linux experimentations, personal , windows hacks. This is my favorite post, and I still enjoy reading ( based on true incidents 🙂 ).

I usually put things here which  I have recently learnt or somehow they lure me to understand them, or will be pursuing in future. I am not much interested in politics, infact I hate politics especially current Pakistani politics, but being a Pakistani, I do have an avid interest regarding the future of Pakistan, and everything related to Pakistan. Apart from this nationalism, I am purely a tech guy, I love to spend  (and when I say spend , I mean it ) my time with computers, books, gaming, bed and swimming pool. I have also purchased a domain www.farazmahmood.com for my self , and I am hosting http://blog.farazmahmood.com (its only a mirror)on my laptop( works only after office hours)




One response to “Why do I blog?

  1. Hmmm….i think this is the most common reason for y we blog “To let our feelings out and share it with others so that we may know about their perspectives too” Blogs today serve almost the same purpose as personal diaries used to in older days…in fact many still use them. Blogs r nothing but communal diaries.
    But apart from all this I think……in today’s digital age we all need to have web-existence as well and blogs provide us with that 🙂

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