Blog Publisher source code uploaded

I have uploaded the blog publisher (messenger add-in)  source code, and added it to my projects section. Check the projects page. 

I will be adding few more fun apps soon , so do check back later.




3 responses to “Blog Publisher source code uploaded

  1. Oye huey sooo many posts since I last checked ur blog. Nice to see u r moving towards being an active blogger….I hope I also overcome my laziness and start blogging seriously 🙂 Waiting for other add ins but heyy first lemme check this one out 😛

  2. Keep it under Creative Commons License….i think ppl shud acknowledge u if they build nething upon it

  3. hehehe , looks like your comment has flattered me, no more posts since then , heheehhehe

    anyway, about the licensing, well i think who ever wants to acknowledge my work will do so without any licensing stuff, and who don’t want to do that ,will not do. so I believe , i should better leave it to their conscious.

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