Xbox Linux

I am preparing for GRE and hence I got several things on mind to do instead of concentrating on my preparation. So this time I choose to experiment with Linux on Xbox. I bought my Xbox in 2005, and got it modded soon (for the reason I am sure you know.) and its no longer under warranty. I have tried many things with Xbox, evox, dashboards, networking with my existing cable net. As the accessories are not available at the moment, so I am planning to go deep down it , I am thinking about attaching USB ports to it. There are plenty of tutorial available for that on Internet.

But , before that I would like to feel the power of Linux on Xbox. Why I am tempted to do so. Well the idea came to my mind when I started looking for web hosting for my domain and sub-domain. (currently I host my sub-domain on my laptop which is subject to my availability at home). I was thinking about running a full time web server on my Xbox machine, (its 733 MHz Intel, with 64 MB ram  and 10gb HDD, a network card ). I am not expecting much traffic on my domain, so this simple machine will be able to cater as a webserver ( a lamp setup to be precise).

Xbox Linux is not a new concept , born along with the release of Xbox. Xbox-Linux and Xbox-Scene are good source for tutorials and guides for running Linux on Xbox. There are several methods for doing so, usually categorized as software mod and hardware mod. Software mod requires the use of software exploit to run the unsigned code (Microsoft does not endorse home brew application /Linux on Xbox, ). Using the exploit , the installer flashes the bios with a different bios known as Cromwell (an alternate firmware for Xbox though it only load Linux and cannot be used for playing games). A hardware mod requires hardware modification (installing a mod chip etc).

There are several Xbox Linux distributions available on the Internet. I found the following three quite interesting (I was looking for live flavors).

  1. Lumumba by Dynebolic
  2. Xebian (based on Debian)
  3. Gentoox (based on Gentoo)

Each distro has its own advantages, but each can be run live. I will try to list the difference along with my experience as I don’t have writable cd with me right now. I am looking forward to the weekend for this experiment.



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