As I have previously mentioned that I am now a proud owner of domain. At the moment my domain is registered with yahoo, and is directed to  as I am not in mood to buy a hosting solution , why , well  I don’t think I need one right now, and googlepages are doing their job fine. 

 In my previous post “some activities” I mentioned about creating a sub-domain and pointing it towards my laptop, (it is functional only after my office hours i.e when I am at home ,usually 8pm-10 am ). I Installed wordpress on my laptop and configured it in IIS ( IIS ,PHP,mysql combo) , well it worked fine except for one little issue, i cannot host multiple domains on my machine with IIS , i have to use virtual directories to get through it . like to reach my blog and   to get someotherstuf , instead of .

The main reason for the behavior is that my machine has win xp with IIS 5.1 installed. The desktop class OS has several limitations when it comes to server oriented task, one of which is that the IIS can not host multiple sites , though you can use virtual directories to do so, but you won’t be able to host multiple domains on the same machine. I wanted this to host multiple subdomains on my laptop ( this is known as virtual hosting).

So ..

I switched to Apache web server. Two days earlier I downloaded and installed the apache web server. Apache web server does not have such restrictions, and its quite popular on web for its performance and feature set. Apache also support virtual hosting,  plus a module based architecture , to extend the functionality  of the web server. Configurations are little bit difficult, but forums and help docs are quite helpful, though a UI configuration manager would be warmly welcome.

Anyways, i configured to host my subdomain as a virtual host on apache. (I did some mistakes while configuring , i enabled virtual host include but did not updated the virtual host. This situation took half an hour to get resolved.) so now my local blog setup is . I am intended to use this as a mirror for my original blog . I will be adding few more web applications like forum, PHP nuke, wiki , etc .. so keep checking.

(working hours -weekdays:  8 pm -9 am ,  friday /saturday: full day ,  All times are acc to. UAE standard time 🙂 )




4 responses to “

  1. Ummm … good luck :s

  2. Yayyyyyy…it’s sunday today and finally I visited ur personal web page Mr. Proud owner 😛 I liked the calender there! 🙂

  3. congratulations !!,
    you have just won yourself an ELEKTRA!!
    that was googlepage with a calender gadget, 😉
    google page creator is an awesome tool for creating static pages quickly, though it does not support scripts and stuff, but has concept of gadgets , little web apps , ready to be embed in your web pages.

  4. btw the above timing is for only is living happily ever after, available 24×7 365. as it is a simple redirect from my googlepages 😀

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