blog got modded !


I was updating content on my blog,  I asked myself if it is time , time to update the blog theme, and got an immediate affirmation of the idea. So after browsing through different themes, i finally got settled with this one. Nice black theme, with good styles for links, i like the hover style, the background of the link changes from black to gray, it also highlight the parent of the link/page.

Unfortunately this theme does not list Pages by default, as was present in the Misty Theme. So I have added a Pages widget to list the site map.

I have also added a link widget to display my collection of bookmarks. I have updated the Archive widget to display Drop Down instead of List, and decreased the number of recent posts in Recent Posts widget.

so what do you feel about the change. If you didn’t like it then do let me know, I won’t change it whether you like it or not :),but your suggestion will be considered in the next cycle





2 responses to “blog got modded !

  1. This is a nice template but just forget about templates and widgets and write blog posts as often as you can because there are not many Pakistani bloggers around on blogger and those who have an account here update it like once a month 🙂

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