some activities

ever since I got a domain for my self ,I have been trying different things to make most out of it. At the moment I have set up my googlepages and follow to my home page at Google page. There is nothing much there except a link back to this blog.

I have also set up a wordpress installation on my laptop. Though they claim that it takes merely five minutes to install the wordpress and running, but if you have done any previous installation of mysql and PHP, it might take long.(took me 3 hours).

I started with the download of PHP and mysql. MySql has a community edition, which comes with an installer for windows machines. There is also an extension for php, to enable accessing mysql APIs from php. MySql installation was a breeze , I also installed the UI for interacting with mysql. Then came the turn for Php.

It was I think my first encounter with Php. I didn’t have any idea how php works and how to install it and configure it with the web server. When I reached php website , I found that there are two branches of Php supported by the php team, one is version 4.xx.xx, and other is 5.xx.xx. that made me confuse. To me the difference between the two was not obvious. shouldn’t the 5.xx version is the latest one, then why still keeping 4.xx.xx . well I still don’t know the difference clearly. What I understand from different articles is that , version 5 introduces support of object oriented programming and has an improved core engine. ( please correct me if I am wrong). they are still supporting version 4 as many of the current php installation are using version 4 and version 5 introduces some breaking changes. Well wordpress says that they officially support version 4, but one can also install wordpress using version 5. So , I proceeded to download the latest version of 5.xx.xx series.

After downloading it , I executed the installer, which prompted me for opting how to configure the php with web server (IIS in my case) whether to run it as CGI application or ISAPI filter, later on it asked for installing extensions. I opted all and that was the worst thing in the installation, it enabled each and every extension and completed the installation. There were 103 extensions. and it took me 1-2 hours for hit and trying which to run and which not to, at the end it comes out only 2-3 extensions that were enabled. One important note , use MySql’s mysqllib.dll when enabling mysql extension, not the one supplied by the php installer.

well that’s done , my local blog was up and running. I also did few more things before installing the blog. We have a router in our home connecting our equipments to the Internet. I forwarded the port 80 on router to my laptop  (also enabled my laptop firewall to allow port 80), so that I can host my blog on my laptop, while others can access it easily via Internet. I also made a sub-domain ,, and directed it to the IP of my router. so you can access it via  :). This address may not be alive for the whole time ,specially when I am in Pakistan. but you might check it  from 9 PM – 9am ( uae time )




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