yes, I am on vacations these days. Two weeks vacations. I am in Karachi , Pakistan right now , enjoying the thrashing warm weather and very punctual and periodic load shedding of electricity (read as gift of summer for karachites).

Both my cell no. (etisalat and ufone ) are active here. so you can easily reach me here , if somehow you don’t have my no. ,just mail me or leave a comment here , I’ll contact you as soon as I can. 🙂

It is good to see that etisalat now offers roaming facility in Pakistan, and there are 3 networks in Pakistan which support etisalat for roaming, Mobilink, Warid , Telenor.  You can easily switch between the three network,depending upon their signal strength,( check your cell phone’s network menu , search for available networks) . When I reached Karachi , my cell phone picked up Telenor (Telenor PK) network. at some time later that day , my phone cell phone switched to Warid network, and then I noticed the difference between the two services. Telenor allowed my to call and receive call using its network, but Warid only allowed call reception, and no outgoing call .Thumbs up to Telenor. I haven’t checked the Mobilink service considering its pathetic past performance. Ufone and Paktel do not support Etisalat roaming.

I have a few things planned for my vacations. I have to meet some old friend, visit FAST-NU for letter of recommendation from faculty as I will be applying for admission next fall, and rest a lot 😀





2 responses to “Vacations

  1. hope you had/are having fun.

  2. well i had little bit fun here , thnx to unbearable heat and excessive load shedding ,heehe , 2 weeks just vanished like 2 seconds, i m returning today 🙂

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