farazmahmood.com-My very own domain name

oie oi, I got my own domain name . oi oi . 😀


At the moment I have set it to point to my blog @ wordpress. http://farazmahmood.com and http://www.farazmahmood.com  both resolve to https://farazmahmood.wordpress.com. PLEASE DO NOT UPDATE Your BOOKMARKS at the moment, I ll let you know when it would be better to update them.I much excited about using my new Internet presence and have already thought about different things. I am looking for a decent hosting solution offering approx 500 Mb-1 Gig space. I am not much concerned about bandwidth. The platform should be able to run different web application like cms, forums, wikis , wordpress ,etc.

I have bought the domain from yahoo small business. They have a promotion scheme so that you can register domain at 2$ for 1st year and then 10$ for each renewal. Goto yahoo small business home page ,check if you can see the promotional banner there. If not , just add ‘?p=BESTDEAL’ without quotes to the address.use this url http://smallbusiness.yahoo.com/domains/ . This offer is valid till 30th June 2007.


any suggestion??




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