Mashreq Bank – pacing towards decline

Mashreq Bank is considered one of leading bank in the UAE. A large network of branches and very wide range of products alongwith a very large customer base, surely generating a lot of revenue for its owners, but yet it seems to failed the quality expectations from it customers.

A lot of my friend have accounts in mashreq bank, and being attached to Computer Industry , our preferred way for interaction is online banking (Internet banking as they say). But sad thing is that the website is getting slower day by day. sometimes it is merely crawling on it knees, almost getting more then a minute ( yes a minute,whole 60 seconds) to load the page. I don’t know what are the real causes , but I think its due to infrastructure. whatever is the cause ,its driving me and others crazy. log in to the system and just sit back and relax :@ :@.

Another thing that is irritating me is the online transaction via debit card. At the moment Mashreq Bank’s visa enabled debit can’t do online transaction :@, this might be their strategy for getting customer to apply for credit cards :@. when contacted with the bank about the situation , they failed to reply with a reasonable answer, and that brings attention towards  another issue ” Support Center”. The support is not trained about the mashreq bank products ,neither do they how to use debit cards. When one of my friends contacted the support center and complained about the card issue , the person replied in an amazement ” debit card are not supposed to work in this way , how can u do transaction via visa debit card !!” . really ? but we purchased few items a couple of months earlier , and nobody complained about that…. . Please ,Please train your support center staff. These are the one who are contacted when a customer is having some trouble. If they failed to help him , you might lose your precious customer, who has several other options open to him in the competitive banking industry. 🙂





2 responses to “Mashreq Bank – pacing towards decline

  1. true true 110% agreed worst bank in UAE.

  2. i m thinking about migrating to another one. 😦
    it really su…

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