Harry Potter Fanatic

Harry Potter, a marvelous and best selling novel series by J.K.Rowling, comprising of seven novel , one for each year Harry Potter spent at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. At the time of writing Six novels have been published while the seventh (and last novel) is going to be released on July 21st ,2007.

I wasn’t interested much in HP untill my sister borrowed the first novel from her friend, and then I became a Harry Potter fan, finishing all the five books available at that time, then moving on to sixth book as it was released, and now eagerly waiting for the last book along with the other fans.

About two or three days ago, I finished all the six book for the third time , Yupppee!!.(all 6 were in ebook format 😉 ) . This time I tried to read between the lines,guessing what might be in the last novel.


well for those who have read the series, sixth part was hell of an exciting one, ending in an eniterly unpredictable manner. Anyways i came up with few conspiracy theory.

if we cosider the sixth part, which has been dedicatedly entited to Snape, i think Snape is going to have a very major role in the last part. There might be chance that instead of Lord Voldermot , Snape is going to be the main villain. He had already killed Dumbledore , and has gained Voldie’s trust (though voldie trust no one). So he might somehow kill voldie’ by either helping harry to obtain the horcrux, fulfiling the prohpecy and then final battle will be between harry and snape :).

Another theory might be snape will prove himself to be the good guy, he will turn up to harry to help him against voldy.Someone on the Leaky Cauldron pointed out that when Harry called him coward at the end, he became a bit aggresive as he has been offended, while working secretly on  a noble cause.

well well any more thoughts, ? the HP fan sites , leaky cauldron and mugglenet keeps a list of interesting question that might get answered in the next novel. and there is aslo a section dedicated to conspiracy theory ,some are infact very well written and reasoned impressively.





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