5-12 Yet Another Black Day for Karachi

12th May 2006, will be remembered as a black day in the history of Karachi, with around 36 persons died and over 100 seriously wounded as violent riots broke out through out the city. Much has been written on the topic, I feel sorry for the departed ones and their families. May their souls rest in peace.

Adnan Siddiqui has summed up different links regarding the incidents in his post “5/12- The black day in the history of Karachi“.

MQM is considered to be the master mind behind that massacre, using their massive fire power and government machinery, and as we clearly witnessed on the media who were causing the mayhem on the streets of Karachi. MQM owns the major portion of the plot  (being the dictator of Karachi), but other political parties also took advantage of the situation, making the issue of CJP much of an ego issue.

 This incident should serve as an eye opener for the karachites. They should realized who is exploiting them. Instead of blindly following their vicious leader , please know the ground realities. Stop being a toy at the hands of your leader.



4 responses to “5-12 Yet Another Black Day for Karachi

  1. We dont need USA to bomb us ..our political parties & beloved army is enuf to destroy us

  2. ghar ko aag lag gai ghar ke chiragh se 😦

  3. …… raho apni masti main!
    na JAO GHAIRON KI basti main
    ager qadar na ho us basti main!?
    !@#$@#@!$ us basti main :D!

  4. Very true faraz

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