Prisoner of Height

The title may sound like a novel by Ishtiaq Ahmed (famous for Inspector Jamshed ,Inspector Kamran and Shoki series of urdu novels), but thats what i am at the moment :).

I am currently residing in Al-Sahab Tower 2, Dubai Marina on 34th floor, and that 34 floor became my boundry since the afternoon, after the elevator stopped working. I woke up at 11 a.m today, and started preparing for the office , at around 12:20 ,when I was ready to go down, I heard from my fellows that the elevator is not working so we can’t go down. We wait almost 2-3 hours for the elevator to be fixed, but still at the time of writing ,it is not functional yet.

Though we can go down 34 floors ,but it will be a very tiresome exercise.

And since we can’t get down so we had a day off today. yupeee!! One of the benefits of living at heights !!;)


3 responses to “Prisoner of Height

  1. ohh I just realized you have your own blog. Will surely be returning to it from now. Congratulations on your day off. Hope you spent it well.

  2. ji ji ji

    aap ki susti ka pata hai mujay bhah, isi liye tu naii ja sakay houn gaye job pe

    wesay kabi kabi seerioun se anay janay ka tajurba krna chaiye

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