Visit to physician

well I wasn’t feeling well for last 2/3 days. May be thats why you are seeing an increase in number of posts on my blog 😉 . I was having some stomach disorder  , so I went to a nearby hospital, “Welcare Hospital”. It is in knowledge Village  near Bits Pillani Institute. I went there around 9:30 in the morning and asked for an appointment. The reciptionist made my file and asked me to wait in the lounge.
So, I wait in the lounge , there were also few peoples waiting for their turn. Two LG flat panel display were set in the lounge , one was showing Ice Hockey match (the final score was 0-3, I forgot the team names), an interesting match I should say.

Then my name was called, I proceeded to the initial checkup room. I was expecting a 10-15 min meeting with the physician, and to my wonder, what happend there, exceeded my expectations. They took me to emergency room ,I still can’t think of any reason for that privilege. Then I was asked to lie down on the bed. (For your information , I usually don’t like to be admitted or treated in hospitals.) I was lying on the bed , then suddenly I saw different machines in motion , I heard doctor saying ,”Check his  ECG and do an X-Ray”. :S

excuse me !!

anyways , my ECG was done and it was OK. Then I was told to get an X-Ray and as I started walking , a wheel chair was brought in front of me. I had no intentions of enjoying a wheel chair ride, and I said “I can walk , Thnx for your hospitality.”  X-Ray was done , and I was on my way back to the Emergency Room 😀 , I was again told to lie on bed and oxygen mask was put on my mouth :), “Wait , is this necessary??”, I enquired as I don’t need that thing. “You should put it on”. The reply was clear. So I put the mask on.( 😀 btw oxygen valve was not open at that moment , 😉 and after sitting there for 10 minutes like a moron with non-functional oxygen mask, the oxygen valve finally got opened.)

Anyways I don’t know why  i have been honoured for such protocol, whereas I was only expecting an simple OPD. I guess they treat all their patient in the Emergency Room, whether he needs it or not 😀



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