India Lost to Sri Lanka

 Yesterday , India faced a crushing defeat against Sri Lanka. The faces of Indian players were worth looking. I really enjoyed when the commentator commented on the last wicket. I think he was hoping for some super-natural performance by the last wicket, and was really disappointed when the pair fell.

I was watching the tv in the morning, Star News was bashing its own team severly. It was holding a poll to vote the guilty of Indian fall. Nominees were :Sachin , Dravid , Ganguly, Greg Chappell. The anchor person was provoking indian cricket fan , but uttering humiliating comments about their teams. This is insane, I think , in the list of Nominee , Media should also be included. It is their media , who hyped about indian players so much that they consider them invincible, portraying them as god. and when they lose , they curse players for their defeat.

Media takes advantage of the popularity , exploits the fan for being associated with cricket, sponsoring heavily on the players, but if the same players do not perform well , the media, turns the fan into violant fanatics , abusing their players and charging their houses. etc.

Same is true for Pakistani media. Although it is not as powerful as their indian counterpart , but sponsors like Pepsi , Wills, and others are exploiting the fans as much as they can. Concrete measures should be taken to rectify the role of media for a healthy sports environment.



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