Wikipedia ~ friend or foe

Wikipedia , one of the buzz word of recent times, I think anyone who has used internet , has  definitely landed on site , which claims to be the largest online editable encylopedia serving 1688000+ english articles.

Wikipedia allow its user to create /change new articles. Users add /update articles, discuss about the different  aspects of the articles like presentation ,layout etc. Often disagreement of different users on issues bring admins into action. They arbitrate the matter on hand to resolve the issue. Wikipedia also employs a restriction scheme so that an arcticle cannot be reverted back frequently during a defined preiod of time.

Wikipedia has been the source of vast knowledge. But can we trust the unbiassness of the source. This is a major question that a lot people raising these days.  Usually the scientific articles are more trusthworty but the political articles contains a lot of biasness not only from the users but also from the moderators/admins of wikipedia. Like articles on Pakistan, Islam, World Wars,Bush , US , India, are mostly biased either pretending the issue at hand to be a misrepresentation of the facts as in case of Pakistan , Islam or covering the facts imposing false representation as in case of US, India etc.

Those who dared to correct the facts have been targeted by the biased user lobbies, and ulitmately fall victim to a premanent ban by admins/moderators who back those user lobbies. Following articles shed some light on the issue. I don’t know about the credibility of the authors, but I have found some biasness in the wiki article, so i think they are quite correct in their claim.


Wikipedia: The untimely rise and expected fall
Wikipedia is controlled by group bullying and hatefulness

 “Wikipedia: The Untimely rise and expected fall” article was written by Mr. Asad Asif, following is the link of his article on his blog.

Wikipedia: The untimely rise and expected fall by Asad Asif.


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2 responses to “Wikipedia ~ friend or foe

  1. I am the author of that article and having spent a couple of hours browsing Wikipedia, I found these facts.

    The article can also be read at:

  2. i appreciate your efforts in bringing out the facts.

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