Another Hello world !

Hello world !

helo testing testing 123.

hmm, yep another hello world demonstration, this time its windows live writer . if you are reading this correctly that means its working and compatible with wordpress,

wait  a sec , what is this  ?, never heard of it before , yea! me neither ,

well its a blogging software from Microsoft Live, so that you can publish your post from your desktop and without logging on to the blog site.

personally I haven’t usedy any blog writing tools before, as I don’t blog very often, so most of my blogging needs are quite satisfied by web interface provided by blog sites. so why bother Live writer?  well to be honest I don’t know myself. I was going through different tech blogs and found references to the live writer . so I thought about giving it a try, and I think, I will be using it for a long time. I appreciate the simplicity of this tool. 

Due to this writer , I will be spending more of my time researching and probing other blog writing tools.

Download <<<

Firefox extension <<<



One response to “Another Hello world !

  1. Windows Live Writer is good, I have been using it for some time now with WordPress and it works just fine. (More features can be added though :))

    It does not work very well with blogger, specially the pictures. Blogger has a problem with pictures from the day one and even in blogger plus they have not given a solution for that. I know a lot of people who shifted from blogger to wordpress for small irritating problems in blogger.

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