Getting Rid of Annoying “Restart Window dialogue”

As most of you will be using windows xp , you might have come across the nuisance of  “Restart Window : Now or Later “. It comes usually when you have downloaded and applied some updates from microsoft. if you choose later, that little rascal disappears from ur screen , then came back after 5-10 minutes urging you to restart your system. that’s really bullshit,

i understand that for updates to be successfully applied windows often required a reboot. but this is quite an annoying situation. i am using my laptop for around 1 year , it has got xp installed on it , (btw i dont like xp much, i would rather prefer win2k). i use my laptop for almost  17/18 hrs a day whether for work or during leisure . i usually put my laptop on standby instead of shutting down, as i have multiple application running ,multiple browser windows with multiple tabs opened, and i  don’t want to restart from scratch.  But that scoundrel keep on insisting that i should restart my windows to complete the update process. (my current system uptime is 7 days 3 hour and 15 minutes 🙂 ) .

so what to do  , Goto services panel in Computer Management , look for automatic updates service , stop the service and live happily after. 🙂

just a reminder , you should do so at your own risk. Automatic update service looks for new updates on microsoft site , it then downloads and apply the patch according to the user setting, but that dialogue is not user configurable. If you list the processes running on your system, you will there is a process “wacult.exe” this is the main culprit that displays the dialogue box, but if you kill it , it will be re spawned by automatic update service so you need to stop that service to stop this process. btw you should have all security patch installed on your machine before stopping the service.


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