VS.net 2005 ARrrghh!!

I have been using Visual Studio for a very long time as most of my development is targeted for windows platform (.net/win32). i have used VS6, Vs2002/2003 and VS2005. and i must say VS6 is the most superior of the 3, 🙂 , sorry if thats hurt , but i have my own reasons. Vs2005 is the one which disappointed me a lot ,

i would like to mention few of my concerns about VS2005, as i am using it these days. I have been using it for last one year.

The first thing you will notice about it is that it is incredibly slow , my machine is dual core intel 3 Ghz with 4 gb ram, scsi hdd, but still , startup loading is slow as snail, and if you command it load a solution with lots of projects( 10+ in my case) , it will let you stare on the blank screen for around 1-1.5 minutes. i am not looking for an IDE with ultra-lightening speed but this is too slow , 😦 , and if you have multiple solutions open in multiple IDE instances , then i can only pray for you. and did i mention PocketPC solution, that will make your pc crawl to death. Trust me.

ok File loading is a one time process. you can pass through it easily , when you come in the morning , just fire the VS and go fetch yourself a cup of coffee/tea , by the time you will be back the solution will be loaded , if not , try enjoying your drink with the solution loading.

next on the list is the Build /Debug cycle, the moment you start the build and there are lots of thing to build, the UI just dies and gets itself busy in building, it is no longer available to access menus, etc, and if you want to cancel the build then you should know the shortcut key Ctrl+Break, though you have to tap it repeatedly to get to the lucky moment. (btw msbuild is a nice addition, with lots of good features to customize your build. and its quite fast when used from command line 🙂 ) Again the Pocket PC support is something that should be revised , deploying and debugging a pocket pc app on an emulater is really painstaking and it seriously needs some revision.

btw there is a bug due to which VS hangs during debugging a PPC app , usually when  u hit a break point, though it does not happen frequently.

i have windows xp x64 version on my development machine, and i observed that sometimes while working with GUI controls on winform applications, the IDE crashes the os leading to BOSD, there might be some incompatiblities with the driver. i m not able to reproduce that bug, but it do happen a lot.

hmm, what next, refactoring support, well if u have ever used other refactoring tools , then u should know that VS’s refactoring support isn’t mature enough for their comparision. long time ago when i first started using vs2005 , i tried some refactoring features . i renamed one of my class, and the ide didn’t renamed the class file. 😦 , i had to rename the file manually.  i have used ReSharper for vs2003 and vs2005 both, and it is definitely a product you will love to have installed on your dev system, its a plugin for VS, with lots of cool features, and impressive  refactoring support. Might be , vs team left more advanced functionalities to be implemented by plug-in vendors.

Another thing that really motivated for this post is the SQL Editor, well you have to admit. that VS2005’s sql editor is pathetic. seriously, yesterday i have to update few tables on the data ,writing some queries, i got connected to sql server via server browser panel, and open a new query page, i wanted to write few queries on the same query page, and execute one at a time ,  but it wasn’t letting me to do so. The editor was trying to be a smart a$$ and parsing multiple queries into single query,  neither it was letting to comment using double single quote. It might be due to different writing style required in vs sql editor, i don’t know about that. But this is just hindering my productivity, that means, i have to spare some time looking for a solution to this, or get sql server client tools install on my machine. i dont like any of the solution. if vs is providing support for sql, it should do so properly or else no support :(. the later solution would lead to license issue.

this post might look like a vs bashing post, but seriously , vs is a great product, i love to see improvements in it, i use it on daily basis. it’s really a shame to fill such a great product with such preposterous issues only to ship it sooner. i think Vs2005 should be released atleast an year later , probably in Q2 ,2007. There are lots of great features which i haven’t used yet. i really appreciate the efforts of the VS team and hope some improvements in next version, probably something of the caliber of  vs6. 😉

btw there is a nice post on VS issues.





One response to “VS.net 2005 ARrrghh!!

  1. well the sp1 is released for VS2005, you can download it from here. and here is a list bug fixes

    but sadly , the sp1 should be the part of of VS2005 release.

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