W850i (K)!!

Just bought a precious black w850i :D, i luv it
Reason for buying , well, my previous phone was almost at the edge of its life , it had served for almost 2 years flawlessly ,resisted the harsh usage , continously demoralizing pick pockets and BHAIs to pick or snatch ,since it was way to cheaper. :). Another reason was to have a change. 😀

I purchased it last night from CelluCom outlet at Ibn-e-battuta mall for 1499/- AED with a blue tooth headset ( it was part of the combo).

well , its cool. I found few things very interesting. It is a nice walkman phone, with very very good audio output quality. As you can see its a slider phone, and its my first slider phone, previously i had SE T610(that was picked),and then dbtel 2300( which as i said almost died) . Another interesting feature is about the lighting effects. when you play an audio file , the LEDs on the front blink according to the sound intensity , :).

Signal reception is goood though in my appartment there is a reception problem might be due to the building height or sound proof glass work.

Phone has theming option ( i have already downloaded 10-12 themese) , it also offer to set tones for individual contact plus if you have set a voice command for a contact , then you can use that voice clip for that contact ringtone too.

did i mention 3G?, 😀 yes w850i is a 3G phone , but etisalat’s 3G service is quite expensive :(. It has 2 cameras , a smaller one at the front for video call and a 2 mp at the back , for photography and video ( though i dont use these feature 🙂 ) .

w850i has 16 mb built-in memory and it supports Memory Stick PRO Duo™ memory card. It comes packaged with 1 Gb memory card. It can be used as a usb device for data transfer.

One feature that i found quite interesting and useful is the Charger for the phone, the charger end that plugged into phone has a socket on its back so that you can connect additional accessories while charging . you can connect a USB , or headphones.

Phone has quite a decent resolution and supports 3d Graphics. It also has GPRS and internet application like blog publishing /rss feed/ brwoser. etc.

i m still discovering the features and i guess there are more to come 🙂

though its a bit pricy but i would recommend it as must have 🙂

faraz mahmood


3 responses to “W850i (K)!!

  1. Congrats man on the new cell phone ! 🙂

  2. WHOW… I guess a simple congrats wont be enough… but thats all I can say
    CONGRATS Bro btw heard that u r on the move :)congrats for this as well

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