what m i doing ???

Quite a long break after my last  post., i applogize for that,
well i mentioned earlier  that i have moved to dubai and joined  PDSR Technologies.  PDSR techonlogis is a new software vendor  in the middle east software arena, who is  aimed to provide better and reliable trading and financial solution.
Here at pdsr, i m working on mobile technologies, responsible for User Interface for mobile device user. we are currently targeting windows mobile 5.0 devices only but determined to support wider range later . this has provided me an opportunity to work on .net compact framework 2.0, though it is stil in infancy , .netcf 2.0 is quite an adorable thing.

life at dubai is quite different from karachi.
mostly following office-home-office routine. if u r lucky and have a couple of friends living near by, then this place becomes more bearable. living lonely can become not only  difficult but a bit costly too.

i m here from march , and its almost 6 months. 2 weeks earlier i have flown to pakistan for 5 days, visiting family, old friends and for partying with firends :), 5 days  vanished so quickly  and now i m back at dubai.

i m living in locality of dubai marina, near  Dubai Media city where office is located. its about 10 min drive to the office. so it saves a lot of time and energy :), dubai marina is quite a lavish locality mostly inhabitated by foreigners( yeah i m a foreinger too here :P) , appartments are expensive but spacious and luxurious, with facilities like pool ,gym, etc .and a quick access to shaikh zayad road,


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