AYBABTU ~ Gaming over VPN ,

well just a few minutes ago , i performed another succesfull experiement :),

i was trying to setup a gaming network over vpn , so that i can play games with my other fellows at distatnt locations. i feel proud to announce that the required results have been achieved sucessfully with pin point accuracy. 0240 hrs was the historcial moment , that witnessed the glory that mankind has never achieved before 😛

actually the idea was to play some multiplayer game over vpn on internet. our isp is DIC telecom which also provide service for vpn connectivity. any dic internet user can connect to the vpn ,this link will guide u to the connection procedure


this will add another network interface on ur my network connetcions.

well by defualt broadcast packets are not forwarded to the vpn interface.(and i still dont know how to enable it) 🙂

we tried earlier using warcraft 3, to connect over vpn, but wc does not support direct connection to the server, it searchs for the server by communicating via UDP Broadcast messages,therefore we werent able to connect to the server over vpn.

so we picked another game , this blessed game “command and conqueres :Generals”

it worked !!!!!

we specified our vpn ip in the network options (both lan and internet ip set to vpn ip),and used direct join feature in multiplayer option. for remote ip we specified the ip of our server and whoa !!!!!

gameplay was almost smooth with some very minor jerking,

so i guess this weekend i ll not be available 😀

next game to test, UT2004, Hl2, NFS mostwanted ,FIFA2006

all the best


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