Acer Ferrari 4005, is the prancing horse really prancing ?

though i decided to write on another topic but content of the blog suggested a different one.. i m not full time reviewer, below are my views based on my experience,

i m a developer working mostly on .net platform.

i m currently using acer Ferrari4005 laptop . before acquireing it , i fanstasize a lot about owing it , but after using it i concluded that its a total waste of money

acer ferrari claims to be the top notch notebook in the market. it will mesmerize u , when you look at it. I like its design and light weightness plus a carbon fiber hand rest.

the gadget is fitted with quite a lot of things

amd turion ml-37 (64 bit processor @ 2.00Ghz)

1 gig ram

100 gig HDD

wifi lan (802.11 a/g/b)

giga bit lan

blue tooth,

infra red ,

4 usbport

dvi out ,

vga out


slot load optical drive DVD-RAM, ( slot load =no tray)

5in1 cardreader

so far so good

it would be better if acer ships the naked machine without any software installed on it ,

now i would like to list the things that pissed me a lot. i ll list facotry defaults setting.

2 *45 Gig partioins formated with FAT32

wtf , MS is marketing its NTFS and helllo here we are getting FAT32 to handle 45 gigs of hdd. this is quite annoying, FAT32 was more suitable for smaller volumes, though it can handle such volumes but in order to do it will make bigger clusters, wihich will ulitmately result in loss in hdd space,( on my 2 gig from precious 45 gig were wasted for the sake of FAT32,) the pre-installed OS comes installed on the laptops, the configure themselves for the user on first boot , and things go on. no options to select the volume foramt type etc. :@. i m also fond of downloading, and downloads a lots of stuff , kazaa , emule , bit torrent , free download manager. etcc , if ur dl directory is on FAT32 system, and if if if by chance ur system crashes , your whole donwloads get fucked up, FAT32 leaves dirty bit on. NTFS employs transactional based file writing , so that such type of losss generally decreases to much much lower extent.

stupid lcd screen

( i cant recall a better name for it), Lcd comes with ferrari is of very high resoultion indede 1600*1280, 15.4″ widescreen , now the hard part is that it does not support wide angle support, that means it will be visible only at certain viewing angles, also the display result in not good enoguh, as compared to othe lower end notebooks like HP pavilon , dell inspiron, etc and they provide wide viewing angle , to maximize visual experience.i m an ubale to understand the reason for this, if u r manufacturing a top notch gadget , why to cut budget on single item 😦

acer softwares:

the default factroy installation comes with some acer software , which i didnt like , i m unable to find any use of them, especially easy recovery it keeps monitoring the hdd. grid vista no used, only thing i found useful was BIOS setting from desktop. everyting else was a picee of shift.


key board a bit curved , i m still unable to get used to .

bluetooth and wirless button,

these are beautiful button to activate/de activate blue tooth and wirless, but located at an annoying location.

re-installation of windows.

the package does not come with a windows xp cd, so if ur windows get corrupted it will be recovered by using recoery cd , sets every thing to the factory defaults, (same shits again). although a copy of windows xp resiides on ur c drive , which u can use to make an installation cd ;),

conclusion ,

dotn buy it , hhehee

well machine is quite decent, but there are some catch, if u are happy with them , u can proceed 🙂


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