A long time ago

a long time ago , sorry very long time , i wrote my blog :), and now i m hitting the blog once again, lots of news are here to share, i have been quite a bz during the gap ,


i switched to another softwarehouse :), as some of might know , i have beenworking at Kalsoft Pvt. Ltd., after my graduation. i have worked there for almost 2 years. i joined Kalsoft rite after completing my graduation from FAST, though my results were not announced but luckily by the grace of Almighty Allah , i was on job.

Kalsoft was one of the growing software house when i joined, and i gues it is still growing now. hmm , i havent worked at many different softwarehouse so i cant say its the best expereince or the worst one:) but overall its a good experience that has taught me a lot of things, both professionaly and socially

coming towards the new job ,

i resinged from my position at kalsoft by the end of february, and got onboard as a crew member on the new Ship by mid march ,

the ship , people use the word Sharesense , when they are referening to it:) is my working palace, its actually a Product based software house with 2 major products right now  Sharesoft Info and Sharesoft Trade, as far as i understand it :),

i joined here as software developer,

the development center of the sharesense is in Dubai Media City, DUBAI, UAE

yes ,yes , i have moved to dubai 🙂

i m feeling a little sleepy rite now , so rest of the story will be delivered to u in the next step.

coming up next: degree attestation, living in dubai,first few days, new accomodation.

stay tuned.



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