from Bed to Stop in just 7 minutes and 45.00 seconds

Thursaday January 5,2006

0805 hrs: beep beep beep beep…!!! Alaram Clock ringing.with a quick swift of hand , alaram was now completely a part of the soft silence of the room.

0815 hrs: teet teet teet teet….!!! now what the hell, alaram of the cell phone was ringing ,detrioting the peace, to restore the everlasting peace to the humanity , it should be killed at any cost, again that hand rose,and alaram went off.

0816 hrs: hmmm, silence, peaace ,most beautiful thing in the should prevail forever,at any cost….

0830 hrs: tweet tweet tweeet ….!! cell phone ringing again , announcing there is an incoming call on my phone, or perhaps it was a missed call,hmm, it was from faisal (faisal i s my office co-league, we have point service for our office,it has been mutually decidec that when the point will pick faisal , he will give me a mis call, and on average poitn takes roughly 7 minutes to reach at my STOP, from faisal’s,)

oops!!!, point is on its way and i have to reach there, not just reach there, but have to dress up and have the breakfast too. oh my God!!!

0832 hrs: got out of the washrom , drying face , starting to put on the cloths,

0833 hrs : having breakfast……….

0834 hrs : breakfast finished…

0835 hrs: just got out of the house and started running ruthlessly.

(the stop is at a distance of approx 8 min walking from the house), and the point will be there by 0837 hrs

0836 hrs: running running , .. ,(m i the running man…), tried giving a mis call to my firend so that he can wait for a while at the stop,but i got a out of credit msg 😥

0837 hrs :still running desparately, ooh i see the point ,it was standing at the stop. i waved my hand ,announcing my arrival, good the people in the point saw me, and point took a break. i crossed the road

0837 hrs :+45 seconds got the point safe and sound, 🙂

mission accomplished…..

set new world record for time and speed 🙂




2 responses to “from Bed to Stop in just 7 minutes and 45.00 seconds

  1. ha ha ha 😀 Very nice…..i once had a similar experience when i had to run behind me college van. I got late because i was writing a birthday card for my best friend which i wanted to be posted the very same day so that she gets it in time…and so I spent too much time on it…’s often hard to express ur feelings for ur friends and loved ones 🙂

  2. mein kesay manoun bhah??????
    k waqii aisa hua tha?
    😀 aap ne tu world record bana ei lya hai
    well done 😀

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