Yesterday was a nerve breaking day for me. I am currently seeking admission in Masters Program and toefl is one of the core requirements. I m specially interested in compiler construction. so 2 weeks ago , i decided to take toefl, i did my registration through ets website .  well the registration was a bit painful for me, as i dont have credit card which is the only mode of payment that is available keeping in view the schedule of the test. I m really thankful to my friend Adil Vawda (school and university) fellow, for allowing me to use his credit card. Also my friends Adeel , Kashif , Adnan, Farooq (usually we are known as Bhailoug Nazimabad sector :P), helped me a lot. 

so far so good 🙂

On the test day , i.e i managed to get off from my office. I reached prometric test center at around 12:15. I knocked on the door, adminstrator appeared and ask for my identity. well the administrator was a lady, quite decentl, slightly elder then me :), but i must say she was gorgeous ;). i hand over my NIC to her, but then she asked for my passport 😐 , i felt my heart sinking, i havent read the notice on ets site that the pakistan, bangladesh,indian candidate have to bring passport as proof of identity. i told her that i missed that part :), the test was scheduled at 1:00 pm , and she plainly refuesd to allow me enter the test center. My legs started shaking violently. The tension was at its climax :P, i was thinking about re-scheduling, 8K ruppes, one more day off ,my whole planning was about to be ruined. i pleaded her to allow me sit in the exam, she told that she had to talk to headoffice ,she at first gave me fone numbers and told me to go back home and call ets and explain them the situation. i pleaded and pleaded. after abt 5 mins after logging my reporting time, she ask me whether i can bring my passport before 2:00 pm , ( i live in north nazimabad ,and the office is at clifton 2 talwar, it takes about 45min-1 hour reach there, and it was already 12:25). i looked at my father , he told me to wait there, and then rush off to home.  he was back by 1:55.  Thanx to ALmighty Allah ,that all this become possible. during the wait period , i was continously reciting verses , hoping for the best 🙂 ,

as i got my passport , i was allowed to take the exam. although the effectes of the situation were still hovering over my mind , i managed to get score 223-277 ( i dont have essay result rite now).Once againg thnx to ALmighty ALlah. mostly during listenings section  i was very much disturbed. i was not hoping to get that much mark . I m also thankful to the test administrator, who helped me and relaxed the time constraint after talking to the officials. she was infact quite a helping person , very much down to earth. i really respect her and her attitute.

well after test i got back home by khan-coach .that is f$&king  piece of shit, it took almost 1 hour 30 mins to get back to hyderi stop , and i was drowsing during the whole journey 🙂 , so no account of the painful journey is maintained 🙂


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One response to “Toefl

  1. zaberdastttt

    aap waqi achha likhtay hu bhah
    ,ujay lagta hai, ab yaha ka chaker lagatay rehna paray ga

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