Knoppix-live linux frm CD : first encounter

whaaooa !!!

the time is 4:26 , almost 45 minutes ago , i just booted my pc with Knoppix to expereince the live linux,, and i m still in amaze 🙂 i must say what the F*&k , this is damn sexiest thing i have ever witnessed, sorry ladies, but this live linux distribution is driving me crazy, i m wrting this blog from mozilla browser from knoppix distro

well what is a linux live cd , live linux are distirubtion of linux which resides on the cd/dvd, and there is no need to install them , u just boot off from ur cd, the loader will load os into RAM , wihtout ever touching ur HDD,and i mean complete OS ,with many application available in this distro of knoppix ( including koffice, kdevelopment IDE, a ful fledge media player capable of playing divx files, audio player, network tools, mulitmeida tools , and whole lot more

although there are options available to install these live linux distro, i dont think they are much needed :),the knoppix creates all files in memory (RAM) uunless specified, it also has the support of USB drives ,so that u can persist ur desktop and fiels on the usb and can easily carry over.It is also quoted very often that a usb stick +live linux cd(knoppix in our case) makes a mobile desktop, u just need these 2, and every pc becomes ur own pc 🙂

i was half asleep before rebooting the system, the download just finished about 1 and half hour ago, i had to burn the cd so that a bootable media is available, and after 5 mins it shocked me :D,

newayz , i wuld recomnd this distro to all linux enthusiasts, specially students and normall windows user who just want to taste linux without actually modifying their harddisk ,and intalling it 🙂
long live linux 🙂



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