Behari kababs

our family  had a bar b q party at my home last saturday , i was honoured to be the TEAM LEAD for  the kabab module 😀 and the grills framework ,

wesey tu kabab lagane mein kuch ziada experties nahin chaheiy hoti hain ,all u need is good observation so that u can manipulate the grills at rite time(that statement is purely based on my experience), but i had been stuck in a problem, the problem was that , gosht mein pappeta ziada par gaya tah, (pappeta is acidic in nature , and is deployed ta ke gohsht gal sake ) , now when i put thoses kababs on grill, they started dripping 😦 it was too difficult to cook them with out wasting some :(:(:(, ya tu kabab tu thore kache reh jate , ya phir , adhey koyle ki nazar hojate :), in fact there required very keen observation and handling , which i lacked seriously ,


i wuld appreciate  if any one could point out a totka for that,



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