back to business

well  i m back ,once again

i just realized that my blogin is going on monthly basis , last 2 weeks were too much bored , my pc just died without any sign or indication of what’s going wrong, it took me several tries to bring my pc back to life ,and thats why now i m here ,

so what went wrong, what i learned from my this experience,

hmmmmm, well u can skip this, anywayz , the problem with my pc was that , sometimes  system hangs while some directX(graphics related –to be more precise) activities are inovked , like playing games, watching moveis, earlier , it happened , variabley, i got a way to fix it by just pushing my AGP card slightly downwards(my casing is atx, just to reoreint urself 😛 ), once u perform this action , the problem vanishes for indefinite interval of time, 2 weeks earlier the same problem appeared , i tried to press, and press hard but nothin appear,  i chkd my card  and found its working fine in another system , my suspects for this nausiance were the AGP card and the Agp slot on mobo,

i dont know what make me to do it , but after countless retries , i supported the agp card from beneath, so that it is slightly raised above its previous level, and press the power button , and then  boooom, i found my pc fully recovered, now i have supported that card by a screw  and my system is quite stable 😛

lessons learned:

the reason of the problem : agp card is not sitting properly on the agp slot ,

cause of the problem: not determined exactly but either the agp slot is loose to some extent or may be the agp conector is having some problem on the card.

also its sometimes better to reverse the direction of applied force 🙂



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