VS.net 2005 Beta experience

hmm started my beta expereince this weekend , unfortunately i have to say that i m not having a good expereince

first when tried to install yukon i realized that it is tightly coupled with a specific build of .net 2, second there was no mentioning abt the build of yukon , date etc. that made thing very unclear.thirdly when i read the Readme files for vs2005 it says that installing a different .net2 build will break the sql server installation, and we need april2005 ctp release to work porprely with vs ,thats why i wanted to know the build and relase info the products,

apart from this the actual hard disk space requirement was not clearly mentioned , and somewhere it was quite large

i started with installation of yukon , selecting almost all options, i selected to install on a different drive then my system drive
ok it went smoothly,
the services are by defualt start manually , thats nice
the managemnt studio is gorgeous 😉
lot of option there to play with sql server along wtih Report Desginer,
report desingner is integrated wiht vs2005 , so when u jsut installed yukon with report designer it install part of IDE in ur system drive if Vs2005 is not installed, that is really a pain in ass, cuz when i tried to install vs2005 on different location , it simply rejected the idea as i have very low space on sys drive 😛 #&##*(*$#@, so i have to  unistall the report designer and continue with the installation of Vs2005, the new idea looks good , i m exploring features of it,will let u knwo more abt it

u can order the vs 2005 beta experienc kit here http://www.microsoft.com/emea/msdn/betaexperience/


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