Combo box undocumented behaviour

i recently came across a very wiered behaviour of combo box (winform )in .net framework

i call it wiered , cuz its not documented anywhere , i tried searching a lot but no results 😦

anyway here it is

when we bind combo box with a data source say Ilist by setting the follwong properties
(in the given order)
what happeend is taht  the SELECETED_INDEX_CHANGED event got fired after setting the datamember and also after setting the valueMember, so if i have handled this event , then i have to chek explicitly that whether it is the wehere datamember is set or value member is set :),
ok u might say its logical, and we can workaround with this by swapping the order of DisplayMember and ValueMember
that does not work even, whoa say u set in the follwonig order
in this case the select_index_change does not fire at all 😦
so in case where gui layout is depedent on this combo, this wil not work properly , like u have country city combos, and on changing coutnry u chang city list, the first selected_index change event should fire after settting up the list but it does not do it in this manner
any one can explain why ??


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