My xbox modding story

i have recently moded my xbox

my xbox version is 1.6 with philps dvd drvie,

modcihp – Alladin live

hacked bios  –  Evox M8+

hdd -segate 10gb

after modding  i looked for homebrewed apps , like evox  dash board, xbmc, etc and a way to install  ,i found them but couldnt figure out how to install 🙂

then by going thru lots of forums i came to know that there is thing called SLAYER’s autoinstaller .

any way i installed the those apps and MMUUHAA!!

now i love ma xbox even more ,

evox dashboard is quite cool and that changeable skin option is something attractive.

now i can save games on ma xbox and also wath vcd,divx movies and other format media 😉

sum useful links

most xbox aaps/software are available on IRC check #Xbins channel , this is due to legal reasons, the apps are considered illegal and cannot be hosted publicly 😉


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