bz day

today was another bz day for me 🙂 ( i m quite a bz person ) ,i went FAST to get my degree,

pheeww.. Now i m really a graduate 😀 ,

anyways FAST has changed a lot during last year, the campus is now over-crowded with students. Teachers have been allocated into very small cabins ( Although i dont like teachers at fast 😛 , but no matter what, they are teacher and must be respected, ) management is moving to be more like Govt type, u can’t get ur work done easily , they will try to send u here and there , i dont know the reason for this change, but the somewhat cooperative environment that existed  few years back has been vanishing swiftly.  as far as the students are concerned ,the gaps b/w seniors jrs is increasing, i personally think that , seniors do help a lot during academics in evey aspect , and this factor was one of the major factors that helped fast to produce quality graduates.

clap clap clap !!! …  (good speech :P)

now a days i m think abt developing an application , that will generate prxoy class for win32 apis provided the header files and appropriate dll, the application will parse the header file, convert it into an namepsapace,  with an static class, with all function declararions and structers and enumeration , so that we dont have to write wrapper function when we need to call win 32 api , with parameters from different types of structures buried in header files.:). any comment will be welcomed 🙂


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